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Questions and Answers

Q1. Describe the contemporary theories of motivation. (Refer to BITTE ANKER AUF BOX 1 for the answer.)

Q2. Explain how the concept of motivation can be integrated into rehabilitation practice based on the self-determination theory. (Refer to BITTE ANKER AUF General Introduction unter dem Heading "Motivation and Rehabilitation" for the answer.)

Q3. List the practices that Maclean and Pound have suggested for fostering motivation in rehabilitation. (Refer to BITTE ANKER AUF BOX 2 for the answer.)

Q4. What role did the concept of motivation play in Jason's rehabilitation? (Refer to BITTE ANKER AUF Jason's Story unter Heading "Role of Motivation in Jason's Rehabilitation for the answer.)

Q5. Explain how Jason's case reflects the individualistic-social approach of motivation proposed by Maclean and Pound. (Refer to BITTE ANKER DISCUSSION, 5. Absatz der mit "Jason's case seems to reflect the combined individualistic-social approaches..."anfängt for the answer.)