Shortly before Ben’s discharge, an evaluation of the improvement of the intervention targets and the achievement of the Cycle and Service Program Goals was performed involving all members of the rehabilitation team. With respect to the legal situation and the enforcement of Ben’s legal rights all essential claims had been initiated but the final decision from the insurances were still open at the time of discharge. However, beyond the financial queries, the interventions performed through the rehabilitation team had been successful.

A new apprenticeship had been arranged, a 3-month-internship had been agreed on and pre-occupational measures had been initiated. The necessary financial issues for the language course in the United States of America had been addressed and the financial claim had been initiated in collaboration with the invalidity insurance.

Thanks to the excellent network of the vocational counselor at the clinic I quickly found a new apprenticeship.

Ben regarding his actual vocational situation

His own wheelchair had been delivered and the personal adjustment had been done by the occupational therapist. While he was able to take the written exam to get the driving license, he would go through the practical exam after discharge. The final decision regarding the choice of the car he would buy was still open. The occupational therapist offered support regarding the claim for financial benefits in this regard.

The constructional modifications to the home had been almost finished and thus the accessibility of his home had been assured.

Ben would have to take over the responsibility, to receive all the claimed benefits he is entitled to after discharge. His knowledge about his rights would thereby play an essential role. While the health professionals involved him in all the procedures to improve his knowledge, the peers he met at the rehabilitation centre presented another resource:

From other persons with SCI I learned the most about my legal rights and how I can enforce them.

Ben shortly before discharge to home

To facilitate Ben’s efforts to receive the pending financial benefits, the social worker prepared an information sheet with details including addresses and contact persons of all involved insurances and authorities.