A range of interventions proceeded for each of the Cycle Goals. For example, to improve mobility, muscle endurance training and exercises to increase muscle power and joint mobility were undertaken. Furthermore, wound care was performed to try and heal the tracheostomy incision – a contributing factor to Mr. Wun’s swallowing difficulties.

While it was hoped that his PEG tube could be removed, it had to remain as long as his dysphagia persisted. Education, training and consultations were provided to Mr. Wun and his mother regarding eating, drinking and swallowing, as well as the care of body parts and prevention of secondary conditions. Urination functioning was maintained through medication and catheterization intended to prevent any additional complications. Breathing exercises and assisted coughing helped improve respiratory functions.

CS12 0148

Figure 3: ICF intervention table

Figure 3: ICF Intervention Table, Phys: Physician, PT: Physiotherapist, OT: Occupational therapist