Interventions were established to treat each of the intervention targets with the hope of reaching specifically defined goal values set by the health care team in the assessment. They were documented in the ICF Intervention Table (Figure 4). Conrad’s nurse, physical and occupational therapists focused on many of the activities relating to mobility and self-care. Many of the self-care interventions were based on instruction and education. Repetition and body balance training were undertaken to improve transferring and changing/maintaining positions. His physical therapist also worked to reducing pain and increasing joint mobility through thermo-therapy and movement therapy.

Conrad’s social worker was responsible for counselling, clarifying and organizing his vocational and financial perspectives. Hence, this work included a number of interventions beyond those related to the cycle goals that needed to be addressed in parallel.

d850 Remunerative employment’ (under Financial issues) - Initial steps involved multiple discussions with Conrad’s former employer exploring possibilities for future employment given his prognosis and limitations, as well as discussions about possible early retirement options; these efforts aimed to achieve economic self-sufficiency. It was additionally informed by the clarification of the financial situation, and; identification and implementation of supportive measures.

e570 Social security services, systems and policies’ and e580 Health services, systems and policies’ (under Legal and Insurance Issues) – the social worker assessed the state of insurance and contacted and registered Conrad at social security services and insurance companies to establish Conrad’s status, benefits and estimate of his prospective financial needs; optimization of the legal/insurance situation included explorations of additional financing options; ongoing counselling and clarification was undertaken;

155 Design, construction and building products and technology of buildings for private use’ (under Financial issues) - Ongoing counselling and clarification of status and financing plans, organization of house inspections, discussions with and estimates from architects for reconstruction costs; application for permits with municipality;

e120 Products and technology for personal indoor and outdoor mobility and transportation’ (under Financial issues) - In collaboration with the nurse and the occupational therapist, ordering and organization of financing for assistive devices through a foundation (including a special order SwissTrac with increased power due to his residential environment); additionally, a special order was placed for a mattress for hyper-sensitive skin; informing Conrad during the process.

Figure 4: ICF Intervention Table

Figure 4: ICF Intervention Table; PT: Physical Therapist, Spo: Sport Therapist, Psych: Psychologist, MD, Medical Doctor

We have endeavored to summarize and list the core functions of the social worker and to link them with the respective ICF codes (Figure 5)

While most interventions within Conrad’s Rehab Cycle lasted 3.5 months, the social worker’s interventions and support would last longer than his stay at the rehabilitation center. However, a number of complications arose during the Cycle that extended his Rehab Cycle. In the third month, Conrad’s colostoma was surgically closed, requiring the cancellation of a number of physical therapy interventions. This resulted in increased joint stiffness and pain and also meant that Conrad now needed to learn to purge on his own (an important self-care goal).