The ICF Assessment Sheet and the ICF Categorical Profile, which illustrate the extent of Ben`s problems in functioning and the impact of the environmental and personal factors, served as the basis for the identification of the intervention targets during the last phase of his inpatient rehabilitation program. These intervention targets ensure the achievement of the Cycle Goals. Individual members of the rehabilitation team were assigned to each of the intervention targets and took responsibility for selecting appropriate and specific interventions (Table 1).

Whenever necessary, the clarification of the legal aspects and the application of social benefits should be undertaken by different health professionals with Ben’s involvement. With regard to the first Cycle Goal vocational integration, it was necessary to clarify his claim for social security benefits for the period during the language course abroad with the invalidity insurance. To find an appropriate language school (wheelchair accessible) he received support from the vocational counselor. The language courses in English and French and the computer course continued as arranged at the beginning of the vocational counseling. To gain some work experience, an internship with the new employer was arranged. In addition, the duration and the working hours of the internship need to be clarify.

Concerning the mobility issue, the second Cycle Goal, the funding for the wheelchair through the invalidity insurance was initiated and the appropriate wheelchair was ordered and later adjusted. In addition, the occupational therapist organized an appointment with orthopaedic technicians who informed Ben about possible car modifications and the procedures to get them financed by the invalidity insurance. This knowledge would be very critical because once Ben is discharged he would have to take care of these issues on his own. Ben also planned to get the approval to take the exam for the driving license on his own.

Ben himself felt quite frustrated concerning the exam for the driving license.

Even for the theoretical driving examination it takes a long time to get the permission to take the exam...

Ben regarding the challenges to receive a driving license

In terms of the housing situation the third Cycle Goal, Ben was informed about the state of the decision regarding the funding for the modifications. Furthermore, the occupational therapist checked with Ben if the needed modifications (lift and balcony door) would be finished by the time of his discharge, which was planned for one month later. Since several assistive devices would be necessary to facilitate living at home, a special seat as well as a mat for the bath tub had been ordered. The claim for finances had been initiated through the occupational therapist as well.

CS20 0241

Assessment of Ben's home for necessary architechtural modifications

Due to the fact that I am living with my parents and my brother the Invalidity Insurance would not pay for accommodation to the kitchen. The handling of a kettle and a microwave would therefore be enough.