The functioning status of Mr. Seiler was illustrated in the team meeting within the presentation of the ICF Categorical Profile (Table 2). Based upon this initial assessment of Mr. Seiler, goals were defined by the health care team, taking both perspectives into account. The Global Goal, Service-Program Goal and Cycle Goals were established. The Global Goal was set as reintegration into participation considering Mr. Seiler’s hobbies but also the wish to work again.

CS06 0067a

Following on the previous Service-Program Goal of acute care, a new Service-Program Goal was defined as independence in daily activities. To be independent from nurses’ care was most important for Mr. Seiler at this time. Additionally, with increased independence, Mr. Seiler would move closer towards his Global Goal. Correspondingly, reaching the three Cycle Goals would work towards his independence in daily living:

  1. Safe carrying and handling objects — intervention targets were based upon Mr. Seiler’s pain and limited functionality of his hands;
  2. Independence in moving in different locations — intervention targets were based on Mr. Seiler’s desire to walk on his own and limited functionality, control and coordination as well as looking after his own health;
  3. Independence in Self-care — based on intervention targets of limited hand and arm functionality, limitations in washing and dressing and looking after his own health.

Included in the goal-setting was the definition of goal values that the health care team hoped to meet. The health care team hoped that given Mr. Seiler’s type of injury and his personal factors of athleticism, discipline and strong will, the goals set would all be accomplished.

Figure2: ICF Categorical Profile

Figure 2: ICF Categorical Profile *ICF Qualifiers range from 0 = no problem to 4 = complete problem in the components of body functions (b), body structures (s), activity and participation (d) and from -4 = complete barrier to +4 = complete facilitator in the environmental factors. In personal factors, the sign + and - indicates to what extent a determined pf has a positive or negative influence on the individual’s functioning. °C1, 2, 3 mark the relation to Cycle Goals 1, 2, 3; SG is related to Service Program Goal, G related to the Global Goal.