ICF Core Sets

ICF Core Sets, a selection of ICF categories from the entire classification for specific health conditions, condition groups and settings, have been developed to facilitate a systematic and comprehensive description of functioning for use for various purposes and in various settings including clinical practice and research. In these settings an ICF Core Set can serve as a minimal standard for the assessment and documentation of functioning and health in clinical studies and comprehensive single or multi-professional clinical encounters.

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ICF Core Set Manual

A manual on one approach to use ICF Core Sets in clinical practice has been available since 2012: Bickenbach J, Cieza A, Rauch A, Stucki G. ed. ICF Core Sets: Manual for Clinical Practice: Göttingen: Hogrefe; 2012. This manual includes:

  • An introduction to the concepts of functioning and disability.
  • A description of the development process of the ICF Core Sets and their purpose.
  • An introduction to the application of the ICF Core Sets in clinical practice based on a documentation form and use cases.
  • All available ICF Core Sets and corresponding documentation forms. The documentation form to create a functioning profile outlined in the manual is available in an open access interactive web-based format www.icf-core-sets.org.
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