The ICF Evaluation Display is based on the ICF Categorical Profile. In comparison to the ICF Categorical Profile, the ICF Evaluation Display includes only the ICF categories that were defined as intervention target i.e. those categories that were related to a specific goal (global goal, service-program goal and/or cycle goal). The ICF Evaluation Display is also enlarged to include a visual depiction of the patient's functioning status at the time of the second assessment or 'evaluation' and a column indicating goal achievement. It provides a picture of the change between functioning status before and after intervention. It is important to note however that this before-after picture of change does not necessarily signify that the change is due to the intervention itself, but only that there was a change.


ICF Evaluation Display

Regardless the ICF Evaluation Display can be useful for the rehabilitation team in their discussions about the course of rehabilitation and further intervention planning, including deciding on additional cycles (if the desired result was not achieved during the current cycle), continuing rehabilitaton with an additional service program or to end the rehabilitation.


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